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Bits & Pieces


Smith-Worthington bits are made of the world's finest 18-8 (chromium/nickel) stainless steel. This alloy is best for bits because it extremely strong and resists salt and acids in saliva, and will never rust or spot.  

Smith-Worthington bits are investment cast (lost wax) from carefully crafted models of tested bit designs to insure consistently perfect quality bit after bit. Even with these advanced production methods, every bit is hand inspected. Your horse will appreciate the extra care that goes into designing and making SW Bits.

Bits available in 3" to 7" depending on style including Bradoon, Elevator, Kimberwick, Pelham, Snaffle, Weymouth and Bit Accessories.



Jolly Mouth Dee Snaffle bit.

Loose ring snaffle bit with curved mouth

Loose ring snaffle bit with curved mouth and wafer

Hunter Dee Bit

Hunter Dee Bit with Curved Mouth (no wafer)

Hunter Dee Bit with Curved Mouth

Eggbutt Snaffle Bit with Curved Mouth

Jolly Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle

Loose Ring Snaffle with oval link, & Cuprium Mouth

Dee Snaffle Bit with oval link

Eggbutt Snaffle Bit with Oval Link

Copper Mouth Dee Snaffle 14mm

Dee Snaffle

Egg Butt Snaffle 14mm

Feather Weight Loose Ring 18mm

Full Cheek Copper Mouth Snaffle

Full Cheek Egg Butt Snaffle

Full Cheek French Mouth Snaffle

Full Cheek Twisted Copper Wire

Full Cheek Twisted Wire

bit bit

Hollow Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle

Loose Ring French Mouth Snaffle

Rubber Dee Snaffle





Elevator Bits

Short Cheek Elevator Bit

3 Ring Elevator

4 Ring Elevator

Long Cheek Elevator Bit

elevator bit elevator bit elevator bit


Kimberwick Bits

Quarter Moon Kimberwick

Jointed Mouth Kimberwick Uxeter Kimberwick 12mm



Hartwell Pelham

Hollow Jointed Pelham

Jointed Mouth Pelham

Jointed Mouth Pelham with Short Cheeks

Jointed Rubber Mouth Pelham Bit




Hollow Mouth Weymouth

Wide Arch Hollow Mouth Weymouth


Bit Accessories and bridle pieces

Bridle pieces and other small accessories available at Jamie's traveling events.

Contact Jamie about getting the right SW bit for your needs.