saddle and tack repair

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Saddle, Tack & Boot Repairs

I am MOBILE. I will come to you in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, and Fairfield, CT. If you are a little further away, we can always meet at a mutual location.

I will pick up and drop off your repair at your location.

Always a free estimate. Just send me a picture.

I will also do repairs onsite at your stable. Onsite repairs include basic stitching, new billets, old billets, pomel stitching, cantle stitching, reattach a seat etc.etc. All I require is a place to work that has good light a saddle rack and a chair.

Call me to set up a "Tack Repair Day". I will also do multiple repairs  for a group of people at your farm or stable. I will  do all the repairs in one sitting. All that needs to be done is get a group of boarders coordinated with their repairs and I will spend the day sewing. I also need a place to work that has good light a saddle rack and a chair.

Call for Prices
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Restitch Billets 
Replace Billets 
Knee Roll:
Restitch half knee roll
Restitch whole knee roll
Reflock with wool
Stirrup Leather Keepers:
Saddle Flap:
Restitch half flap
Restitch whole flap
Repair saddle crack
Repair rip or hole

Install or replace zipper, heel, soles

saddle repair saddle repair